Another Masina Sibling Takes The Spotlight | Fortune Masina Releases New Album

He is the big brother in the Masina entertainment dynasty and after a 10 year haitus, Fortune is back with a new album. The Twins (Hlelo and Ntando) as well as Metro FM Naked Dj's big brother is taking over the spotlight. 

10 years ago Fortune released his debut album ABOMRAPPER. At the time hip-hop was not a huge genre in Mzansi and was definitely not much of a star making platform unless you received massive rotation on radio and love from the mainstream media. Because of that not many people will remember Fortune as an artist.

Then: Abomrapper 1
After years of toying with the idea of releasing a follow up album, Masina believes now is the time. The 17 track album, aptly named AboMrapper2 is coming out at a critical time when local hip hop is changing direction and lending towards a unique sound that resonates with all facets of the South African society, all the while incorporating other musical influences from around the globe.


Known for his riveting tweets, honest and soulful expressions, ABOMRAPPER 2 is said to epitomize the sound of an artist who is true to himself as he introduces - with breath-taking lyrical delivery - hip hop fans to his truly inspirational life journey and his first foray into the music business.

On the project, Masina collaborated with the likes of  HHP, Spex, Mr. Selwyn, Towdee Mac, RJ Benjamin, Thiwe, Zubz, Miss Nthabi, ProVerb, MXO, Howza, Slikour, Stoan, Naked DJ, Amu, H20  and others

 Need to knows; 

  • Album features over 50 artists
  • Album's first single is “GONNA BE ALRIGHT” featuring Kabomo, Stoan and RJ Benjamin. 
  • A video single to look out for is “HOW ITS DONE” with the late Flabba, as well as veteran Shero & Legendary DJ Papercutt. This was the last music video performance by Nkuli “Flabba” Habedi
  • The album includes a bonus track song “THE REUNION”, which is dubbed a real hip hop marathon featuring 20 of Mzansi's finest emcees such as Ramesh, Infa, Snazz D, Hoodlum, JR, Prof, Ms. Supa and Omen, to name but a few - it also includes Mizchif’s last recorded verse (sadly he passed away shortly after recording this track).

ABOMRAPPER 2 arrived in stores and online via itunes on May 25th (Africa Day). The album is Executive Produced by Lebotja Media and Masina Media.  

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