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We went through the reality show phase, then the talent search shows phase, now it seems local TV is jumping into the talkshow phase. SABC1 has another talkshow coming up this month al beit different in style from the others — but is still a talkshow of sort. 

A new celebrity interviews talkshow in the style of The Kumars at No. 2 will premiere on SABC1 this month. Ths show is called Mi Kasi Su Kasi, the title is playing off of the 'mi casa su casa' phrase which means "my home/house is your home/house" 

As the title hints, the show will be centred around celebrities taking viewers back to their "home". Home in this instance being the neighbourhood they grew up in.  Each episode features a celebrity guest from the wide South African entertainment scene. 
The presenter is hosted by the celebrity guest, who takes him around the neighbourhood in which they were raised, while sharing some memorable moments and candid stories from their childhood. The guest also talks about how growing up in their particular “Kasi” shaped and influenced who they are today.

The show's hosts are Kabelo “KB” Moremi and Nicholas Pule Welch. The good thing about that is that while KB has been on TV as a Yotv presenter, he is realtively unknown and Nicholas, I know nothing of, so this is something fresh. 

It is refreshing not to have a show being presented by the usual suspects and seeing that the presenters arent a-listers we might just get a genuine insight into these celebrities as the presenters might not be holding back because they are interviewing their "friends". 

What I hope we will not be subjected to, is the show featuring the usual SABC1 faces like Minnie, Pearl, Lunga,etc. We know enough about these people and every talkshow will likely invite them on. I'd like to see actors from hit shows on tv and celebrities we dont usual get to see much of being profiled. 

Mi Kasi Su Kasi premieres on Monday 11 May at 18h00

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