Bonang's Big Move To Capetown | What Impact Will It Have On Her Career?

Upon confirmation from SABC3 that the long rumoured talkshow Bonang and Jeannie D will host is in deed happening and would be based in Capetown, it became evident that the Queen of glamour will be leaving Joburg for the coast. 

Whist the move to Capetown was inevitable for the tv/radio personality and it stands to reason that one questions the impact such a move will have on her brand and the industry. 

It is no secret that Joburg is the hub of the local entertainment industry, specifically television and radio sectors. No one has ever sustained a huge influence or impact in the industry whilst living outside of Gauteng. 

Times have changed though, Durbanites are wielding some major force in the music industry without being in Johannesburg. However, that success is saturated around Afro-tainment company. Uzalo became the first major tv production to be shot in continuity in KZN — whilst the show is doing well, the stars of the show are not getting any attention because of where they are. 

It is easier and less costly for media and brands to deal with celebrities in Jhb. Everything is here, so it makes sense. Media houses are unlikely to send journos to events out of Jozi unless the hosts cover the travelling costs. Majority of journalist and media houses are based in Joburg. 

Bonang ... well, that's a different story. Let me prefix my opinion on this by pointing out the obvious. Pretty much her entire career, Bonang has redefined how the local entertainment industry run. She sets the benchmark and new rules with every venture. And the industry follows!

Here is someone who is not a major ratings puller on television but has managed to use the medium to become the biggest star this country has ever seen. She gets paid for things black talents have not been paid for for years, ever. She gets to push boundaries and more often than not she wins. 

It wouldn't be a surprise then that Bonang could still retain the same command she has on the business even when she doesnt reside in the hub of the industry. I bet for an exclusive with Bonang, media houses will pay to fly journalists to interview her in Capetown. 

Financially this could also be a major boost for her earnings. She currently earns around R80 000 to R100 000 per event for her MCing work. In Capetown she will be the most sought after celebrity MC atleast for the first 2 years or so. All things considered, she could very easily make R500 000 per week.  

Plus, if she conquers Capetown, she would be in a prime location for an international exposure. We all know Capetown is the playground of Hollywood's elite when they wanna play in Africa. It is not just Hollywood celebs who visit the city, a lot of influential international executives own property and/or vacation there.  

On the other hand....

The move could completely backfire. Bonang, much like Beyonce, has to be seen to be relevant. Beyonce can't pull a Tina Turner and move to Switzerland and still expect to have the same stature in Hollywood she enjoys now. Hell, to be an actress Mrs Carter has had to uproot her fam and move to Los Angeles. 

The same could become a problem for Bonang. Out of sight, out of mind. Let us not kid ourselves here, Afternoon Express could be a great show, but it will be airing at 4pm on SABC3 — that will limit its audience pull regardless of the content. 

Less people seeing Bonang on screen and on social circuit, that could have dire impact on her brand power. Can she commute? yes but this will make her an expensive "commuter'. To have Bonang at an event in Jozi would mean hosts will have to fork out twice what they pay for her now. 

That said, this heralds a new chapter for South African entertainment industry. Whatever impact this move has on Bonang's career, it will be felt in the entire industry. 

One good thing Joburgers can be happy about; is that with Bonang taking over Capetown, it leaves room for someone else to rise up and takeover the reins. Who will it be? A familiar face or an ingénue yet-to-be discovered.

Good luck to Ms Matheba and her team. We cant wait to see what this new chapter brings us. And yes I will be watching, learning and... will definitely share my opinion about it. 

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