Design Your Own Datsun Go Car | Win A Car Or Trip To Indonesia

Design your own Datsun GO with the #GObeYOU and breakthrough by winning your car. Datsun is launching a great collaborative competition that will see one winner drive away with a personalised Datsun GO and the top 3 will each win an amazing trip to Indonesia

Owning a car that screams “this is me!” is as easy as logging on to Datsun’s new microsite - - and sharing your vision of the perfect Datsun GO on social media from 27 April to 17 May.

The competition allows your creativity to go wild and anything from rims, tags, and colour to background can be personalised in the virtual world. The competition is open to anyone who holds a valid driver’s license and you are allowed to enter more than once.  

This is a chance for the carless and car lovers alike to individualise and have their dream car voted into reality by showing off their designs on social media under the #GObeYOU hashtag.

Judging the GObeYOU competition are three individuals who are well-qualified when it comes to matters of style, originality and car mechanics: renowned graffiti artist Mars, popular entertainer DJ Guru, and racer and petrolhead  Chase Audagnotti each created a theme available on the microsite that will add character, soul and swagger to any vehicle. 

Though the judges choose the top 20 designs, the top three winners and ultimate winner will be chosen by the public through Facebook voting. Voters also stand a chance to win amazing daily prizes; these will include cellphones.  

“People see their cars as extensions of themselves – their personalities, characters and places in society,” says Des Fenner, General Manager at Datsun SA. 

“Formally, customised vehicles were an enjoyment reserved for the rich and famous, but now – in celebration of our latest addition to the Datsun collection - we are offering fans the chance to showcase their sense of style and uniqueness by designing their own Datsun GO on our microsite.
 “The creative design aspect of the competition aligns with the character of the vehicle. The Datsun GO enables our customers to break through in life by allowing our customers to become independent not only in the form of owning their own transport but inspiring them to become unique individuals personally and professionally. 
“The winner of the Datsun GObeYOU competition will be driving an expression of their personal taste – be it whimsical and wacky or more conservative and cool. But whatever the preference, the winner’s Datsun GO will help them on the road to self-actualisation.”
If you feel simultaneously creative and competitive, and think your personality just begs to be immortalised in automotive paint, maybe this is the opportunity for you. 

How to enter:

1. Go to and  register with a password and email address.
2. Design your Datsun GO, name your car and submit your entry.
3. Share your creation with the #GObeYOU hashtag on Facebook and Twitter!
4. Please visit to view the terms and conditions 
5. Voting will take place on and announced on social media on 5 June.  

Many vehicle designs shouldn’t be externally or superficially modified in any way, but the GO lends itself to this purpose.
“It’s a fun, stylish, cool car designed for students and young professionals; people who – at that stage of their lives – appreciate innovation and imagination, and yearn to stand out from the crowd,” concludes Mr Fenner.

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