What Bonang Could Be Getting Paid For MC-ing Gigs

After my article on Bonang's move to Capetown and her potential earning of R500 000 per week on MC [Emcee] jobs, some people thought the number is just trumped up. However, according to reputable entertainment brokers, if she had a gig everyday of the week she can make that money. 

Celebrities in South Africa barely make a living from the jobs they hold on tv or radio. The money makers in this industry, beside running businesses that are promoted by their celebrity status, earn their big cheques from MC work. 

A celebrity's price tag depends on their fame and demand on the market. With that, someone like Bonang Matheba commands the high end of the price range for being "Queen B" . 

As a sought after celebrity for hosting events; corporate companies will easily fork out R100 000 for a night with B* as an emcee for their event. 

According to a reputable booking service agency for celebrities, which Bonang is signed as a service supplier to, these are the margins of what you will be quoted if you want to book celebrities to be an MC;
  • Celebrity Comedians get paid from R20 000.00  to R60 000.00 
An average cost for a celebrity comedian is R25 000.00.
  • Big Name personality and Celebrity fee range from R20 000 to R108 000.00 
Average cost for a Big name is R30 000.00.
  • TV/Radio personalities (more like your B rate celebs) you can expect to pay atleast between R15 000 and R30 000

  • Professional who are not celebrities costs are from R15 000 to R40 000.00
With these figures, it is feasible (as per my assertion on THIS article) that Bonang Matheba is getting paid between R80 000 and R100 000. That is not to say she would not do an event for less, each booking is probably negotiable but girl be coining it outchea!

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