LG TV So Thin You Can Fold It Like A Paper

LG Display, the screen-making subsidiary of LG, which is dedicated to OLED panels, has unveiled thin television. his tv is so thin that you can fold it and hang it up on your wall with just magnets. 

At a press event in its home country of Korea on Tuesday, LG Display showed off a "wallpaper" proof-of-concept television. The 55-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display weighs 1.9 kilograms and is less than a millimeter thick.

Thanks to a magnetic mat that sits behind it on the wall, the TV can be stuck to a wall. To remove the display from the wall, you peel the screen off the mat.

Cellphones have gotten smaller and thinner so I guess it was a natural progression of technology that the television would follow suit. 

OLED is widely believed to be the next frontier. The technology adds an organic compound layer that allows not only for exceedingly thin screens, but for those displays to be curved. The organic material also emits its own light, eliminating the need for a backlight. That allows for such thin screens and has made OLED a desirable choice not only for televisions, but for a wide range of wearables and other mobile products. 

LG Display believes OLED could be the de facto display technology in all products in the future. The only problem; COSTS. LG's 65-inch, 4K OLED TV, for instance, costs $9,000, that is just over R90 000.00. 

This price issue means televisions like the "wallpaper" display might not make their way to store shelves in mall near you at a reasonable cost anytime soon. Still, it is nice to dream and this TV is hella rad. Aspiration baba!!

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