New Telenovela Coming To Etv in August

etv seems to have found a mining formula in the telenovela genre. Ashes to Ashes may not have dethroned or "re-generated" the weekday 8pm slot but the channel's telenovela is doing ok. At their winter upfronts, the channel announced that they have a new telenovela called Gold Diggers starting later in the year. was mum about the details of their new locally produced telenovela, Gold Diggers, at the event but the channel's head of local content, Keshni Rajoo revealed that the show will air in August... and a little birdie hinted that the show will revolve around a mining community.

According to the murmur I overheard regarding the show, Gold Diggers will tackle issues of polygamy, illegal mining, wealth distribution within our economy, etc. The show pretty much delves into the lives of miners in totality, ie their personal relationships and their work. 

Furthermore, it was hinted that two more telenovela are in development following the ending of Ashes to Ashes in August. 

This is great news in terms of the channel expanding its local content block. However, one can only pray that the production companies developing these new telenovelas will focus on bring fresh talent on air.  

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