Euphonik Crosses A Line With Move Mag Blast

If you missed it, this week Dj Euphonik put a journo from Maove Mag on blast for asking him question about a story that they were planning to do about his supposed beef with Dj Kent. In retaliation to whatever issue he has with Move or the journo the DJ screen grabbed the whole email and his phone number and shared in on twitter — and that is a problem!

Understandably, given the recent tabloid trend of printing easily refutable stories without verification, Euphonik may be fed up with false stories being reported about him. I also fully understand that he is well within his rights to share whatever he wants on his social media platforms.

However, I am shocked and equally dismayed that the digital media continue to share his post with the journalist's number still visible. Euphonik has every right to rant but if the tables were turned and someone he had shared an email with his contact details on Twitter, would all these people be applauding him for his action still think it is ok?

Again, I do not know what the history between the two parties is and what was the motivation behind Euphonik's action but sharing someone's number like that is both irresponsible and unprofessional. By doing so, he is in turn perpetuating the same rot he is 'inadvertently' lambasting the mag for — professionalism. 

On the other hand, atleast this journalist had the respect to ask him if the rumours are true. We always complain about unverified reporting in this business. Think if the journo did not even bother to ask him, which he is not contracted to in any way, Euhonik would be crying fowl still. 

With that email atleast the DJ had the opportunity to refute the claims and just say; that is not true and I don't want to comment on it. Instead he chose to be childish about it. 

I am appalled by every blog site that posted the story with the journalist's phone number still visible. Guess what? start giving celebrities the power to control your content is such a deplorable way then you are next. What is to stop the next celebrity from posting your phone number or personal information online when you piss them off? 

There is a sense of right or wrong that we all have to uphold in whatever capacity we hold in this industry. One such line is revealing personal information regardless of the circumstances. Imagine the inconvenience it would cost Euphonik or any celebrity if his/her phone number was suddenly pasted all over Twitter? We should all condemn this lest it walk into a territory we all do not want to tread on. 

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