Generations DETHRONED | Uzalo Is The Number 1 TV Show In SA

Just in. The latest tv ratings numbers as provided by TAMS are out and Generations has once again been dethroned as the number one show in South Africa. 

The SABC1 telenovela usurped Generations' crown in the week of 8 to 14 June when Uzalo raked in the numbers. It beat the mighty Gen on two nights of the week: on Tuesday, 9th and Wednesday, 10th June.

Uzalo achieved this milestone by pulling in 5,563,000 over Generations' 5,471,000. The difference is not huge but who knows, this could be the beginning of a new ascension to the top and staying there by the telenovela. 

Whilst this is a huge feet for Uzalo, it is important to note that the show is not a soap but a telenovela, which means at some point it will end. 

One one of the biggest hindrance for Uzalo not to turn into a soap like Skeem Saam did, is that the show is very expensive to produce. Just recently, the production was marred with controversy when it was reported that they have allegedly had to ask for more money, over R5mil, from the KZN provincial government. 

With that Gen does not have to wallow in self pity for long as even if Uzalo stays at the number 1 spot forever, which I am skeptical it will, Gen will return to its throne when the telenovela wraps. 

That said, a huge congratulations to the team behind Uzalo. Any competition in this industry is a good thing because it forces people to up their game and we as the viewers are the benefactors as we get to finally see great stories as the productions try to outdo each. 

Congrats Uzalo !!!!!

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