Proud of Jill Scott For Standing By Her Defense of Bill Cosby

I am not a die hard Jill Scott fan but I like the woman. I enjoyed her in First Ladies Detectives Agency. Now I might just become one her biggest fans, as a person. 

Cyberbullying isn't only about calling a person mean names. It is also cyberbullying when people on social media expect everyone to agree with the same viewpoint that might be a trending and attack anyone who dares to differ.

When veteran comedian Bill Cosby's rape allegation blew up few months ago, Jill Scott refused to condemn Cosby without enough proof that would satisfy her conscience that he was a rapist. Of course in the court of Twitter,  she was vilified. The woman stood her ground. 

Yesterday after news broke that court papers released Monday reveal that Cosby admitted in 2005 to securing drugs with the intent of giving them to young women with whom he wanted to have sex, Scott has come out and said she was wrong to support him. However she still stands by her support for further evidence to be presented before condemning anyone.

Scott took to Twitter to admit she had been wrong.

“About Bill Cosby,” Scott wrote on Twitter late Monday, 
“sadly his own testimony offers PROOF of terrible deeds, which is ALL I have ever required to believe the accusations.”
She continued, 

“1) We live in America. Many African American men are detained &/or imprisoned for crimes without evidence. I will never jump on bandwagons. 2) Based on social media or hearsay. Proof will always matter more than public opinion. The sworn testimony is proof. Completely disgusted.”
I love that she still reserves the right to have not condemned him when everyone wanted her to. She never proclaimed his innocence,  all she asked is that we get more evidence before condemning the man. 
In her words, many black men are incarcerated and convicted without enough evidence of the crime they supposedly committed. With that fact, YES, we should demand more than just an accusation before we jump on the bandwagon of condemning people for an alleged crime.

I personally admire anyone who can stand up against the bullying tactics of the cyber mob. You have your own mind and convictions, stand in your own truth and light. Yes, you may be in the wrong but your journey to enlightenment or the right lane should not forced by a mob of sanctimonious 'know it alls' on Twitter or Facebook.

Jill Scott was wrong about Bill and had every right to have defended him but now she's acknowledging that there is legitimacy to the allegations of rape based of facts of the court papers taken under oath in a court of law NOT of public opinion. Good on her!!

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