AUDITIONS: How To Enter TLC African Presenter Search

Toldya guys in May that TLC, yes that channel on DSTV that shows American reality shows and Oprah's shows, is gonna be looking for a presenter out of Africa. Well that time has arrived and from August 9th, the search is on...

TLC is looking to cast someone from Africa, anyone on the continent not just South Africans, to be the host of their new show called TLC Top 10. The show will air on the channel later this year.

If you are looking to enter the competition here is what you need to know and do to become the first African presenter of TLC;

1. The channel is looking for confident, vibrant and energetic individual who is knowledgeable about TLC. So do your homework and know the brand. 

2. Auditions are happening on line so you need to record and upload your audition video on the competition website HERE
- The video will have to be 2minutes long
- The clip must highlight your presenting skills
- You need to explain why you should be chosen to be a host on the channel
3. There will be a script on the audition website, get it, learn it and use it for your audition video. 

Watch the audition promo video below...


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