Cassper Nyovest MIA at a TV Show Launch

Etv and Coca Cola SA launched their much anticipated music television show in Sandton on Thursday evening called Coke Studio. The show features collaborations by various local artists in each episode much like SABC2's show Sandwich. The event was packed but Nyovest's absense cast a dark shadow on the proceedings. 

Whilst some of the artists featured on the show were present at the event, not all of them were. Nyovest's absence would not have raised any eyebrows had it not been for the fact that his collab partners, MiCasa, had to perform their fusion song they recorded together without the hip hop star. 

Furthermore, the situation was not helped by a clip shown to the guests as a part of the preview of the first episode. In the episode, Nyovest is shown to have rocked up at the recording session late, only to complain that the song that had already been arranged in his absence was too fast for him. You have to watch the show to see how that turned out.

With success comes a lot of scrutiny. Nyovest is a big star in Mzansi, for now. A lot of guests expected him to be at the event given that the song he had recorded was supposed to be performed live for the guests. 

Whatever Nyovest's reasons for not being there was, it just did not look good for him given all the factors. He just came across as unprofessional. Coca Cola, who were clearly heading the launch, also bear the brunt of scorn for choosing not to apologise to the media and guests for Nyovest's absence. They did not even acknowledge it.  

Nyovest is on a quest to #FillTheDome. With his Twitter spats and all the negativity that comes with such publicity stunts, he really does not want to add a reputation of being unreliable on the list. He most likely would not disappoint his paying fans in this manner but image and reputation are everything in this business. Lat night both those traits of his character got a little smudge. 

Let's hope the star had a very good reason for being a no show!

Coke Studio debuts Monday 24th August on etv at 20h30.

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