Generations The Legacy Star QUITS!

Is it a case of abandoning a sinking ship or is actor Vuyo Dabula really too inundated with acting jobs that he can not continue to commit himself to the "new" Generations? News broke this past weekend that the actor "asked to be released from his contract"

In a country where acting gigs are hard to come by and most actors would sell their souls and integrity just to get a job... sidebar Connie Ferguson looks great... Vuyo Dabula is apparently getting jobs left right and centre because he has just quit the SABC1 soap to focus on his other 'endeavours" 

In a statement the actor expressed his gratitude towards Generations the Legacy stating; 

‘This is the place where I blew up and I think now is the right time to move on and do other things with the exposure the show has given to me’.

His boss did not seem perturbed by his star's sudden change of heart, Mfundi Vundla wished him well;

‘He’s a talented young man, he’ll certainly flourish in all his endearvours.'
Whatever the real reason is for Vuyo to jump off the Generations ship, fact still remains that the show is in for a bumpy ride. There is a court battle looming following the fired Generations actors which could see the show get an interdict to seize airing new episodes should the actors' complaints be sustained by the court.

The show has also faced some formidable competition from the telenovela, Uzalo, in ratings. For the first time since its debut, Mfundi Vundla's gigantic show, which was seemingly unbeatable has had to play second fiddle to Uzalo on some days as the telenovela keeps grappling for the number one spot.

Generations, as we all knew it is no more. The new Gen has lost the prestige that its predecessor held so being on the show does not have the same benefit career-wise as it did before. No surprise that some actors may now feel that the gig is not really worth the investment ... and ridicule.

Oh well... I wish Vuyo well. Good luck on his next projects.

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