New Judge Somizi Hasn't Pulled The Expected Big Ratings For Idols SA... YET!

One of this blog's readers @MzuaCares asked via Twitter if Somizi is pulling the crowd for Idols SA this season. I looked at the numbers and made some comparisons. 

According to the latest available TAMS Rating numbers, this season of Idols has not really brought that much change in terms of the numbers. The show is still tethering around the same block as it was last season.

It was very clear that Idols SA bringing on Somizi, who will admittedly state himself that he has no musical experience to the level that he can judge anyone's prowess in that regard, was to add some freshness and attract more viewers to the show.

Somizi is no artist in a musical sense but he is an entertainer who has decades of experience in the business and has maintained his stardom along the way -- when many have come and fallen by the wayside, Somizi stayed relevant. His place on that panel is unquestionable given that premise.

Unfortunately, his inclusion on the show has not brought the big numbers that many (myself included) thought it would. Idols SA is currently pulling just over 600 000 on Mzansi Magic and 165 000 on Mnet during its Sunday show. That million viewers mark is still illusive. 

Understandably, it was still audition week when those numbers were pulled. Many viewers will likely start following the show once the top 10 is selected and we get to the LIVE performances. Juxtapose this numbers to previous seasons though, MNET viewers has tuning off Idols. 

The number of viewers on Mnet has dropped compared to the same week in previous more recent seasons. Either people prefer to watch the show on Mzansi Magic or the demographic that watches Mnet is not interested in Idols anymore. 

Having watched a few episodes of the current season, I have noticed that Somizi is a bit more subdued. He is not the over the top persona we used to. It feels like he is holding back somewhat. 

My theory on that is in two parts. ONE - Somizi is now in his 40s, perhaps he doesn't want to be the clown for TV anymore. Maybe he wants to be taken seriously as someone with an opinion and experience to impart in this business. 

Let's be honest, most people expect the giggles when they see Somizi on TV. Viewers expect the antics and stereotypical innuendos that they perceive to define gay men. For a long time Somizi has represented that to people even if he himself might not have been aware of it. Perhaps now he is tired of that nonsense and wants his talents to define his career not his gayness. 

TWO - Somizi and most of us as viewers know why he is on the show. Perhaps SomGaga feels like he doesn't want to be the show and wants to allow the show to be about the auditionees, as it should be. 

He might just be holding back so that he does not outshine his co-judges and the whole process of finding a star. The show is about the talent on stage and not the judges. Somizi might just get that too and is rightfully allowing the focus to be where it should be... on the contestants. 

THEN AGAIN... we haven't gotten to the live shows yet. A lot can happen and change between now and then. The live shows brings out the personalities and the drama. The Somizi you expect might just spring up come the live shows. 


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