Acapella Pictures is currently looking for four actors to star in a upcoming short film entitled Farm Boy.

The shoot will take place from 5 to 10 October in Pretoria.


• Happy, a black male that can speak a bit of Afrikaans, aged 15-23. He is a skinny, smart, introverted and a naïve 17 year old high school boy.
• Johan, a white Afrikaans speaking male, aged 50-70. A bulky no nonsense old fashion farmer.
• Francine, a white Afrikaans speaking female, aged 50-70. A kind and caring farmer’s housewife, who’s in fear of the recent farm killings.
• Malebza, a black male, aged 20-27, An intimidating, manipulative and charismatic guy, who uses school boys to do his dirty work.

If you interested please send showreels to

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