LNN With Loyiso Gola Gets CANCELLED

South Africa's popular satirical news show LNN, which is hosted by comedian Loyiso Gola has parted ways with 24-hour news channel following disagreements between the channel and the producers of the show about changes in the format. 

After 5 years of laughter, introducing us the brilliant comedians such as David Kibuka and Chester Messing, the broadcaster revealed that parties could not come to an agreement on plans to try a shorter and different format than the 24-minute satirical news show. 

In a statement released by eNCA, the channel said it had been in negotiation for more than five months with the company that produces Late Night News, DiPrente, but could not reach an agreement.
"We wanted them to explore the option of short-format satirical inserts on a more regular basis rather than a weekly show. Regrettably they declined to revise the format,” said eNCA managing director, Patrick Conroy in the statement.
Also in the statement, there is an extract from an email from DiPrente sent to the news channel which read: 
"We see great value in the current format and wish to continue to produce a 24-minute satirical news show indefinitely. We are not interested in producing a shorter format show."
The broadcaster says they are working on a new show to replace LNN. 

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