Win A Trip To Japan With DATSUN

Next Chapter in the Datsun Story will be written by New Datsun Customer. Datsun welcomes its first 100,000 customers and customers are invited to tell their story in a unique campaign and you win a trip to JAPAN.

Looks like South Africans have received the new Datsun Go very well. To thank all of ya'll... Datsun is launching a new brand initiative to thank its first 100 000 customers* for choosing a new Datsun vehicle. 

The campaign celebrates the return of the famous brand and opens the next chapter in the Datsun story. It will be launched simultaneously on September 1, 2015 in the four countries where Datsun has been introduced – India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. 

Customers will be invited to upload their stories to official Datsun pages through social networks using country-specific hashtags. The best stories will then be selected by a jury comprising representatives in the regions and the global Datsun Business Unit in Japan. A number of the best stories will also be published on the global website:  

The writers of the chosen stories – one from each market where Datsuns are sold today – will win a trip to Japan, Datsun’s home. The car manufacturing company also plans to turn the winning stories into mini-movies, and to publish a book with the 20 best anecdotes, taking the top five from each market.

Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun, says, 
“We are grateful to all of our customers who have chosen Datsun. For many of them, this might have been their very first car, giving them access to new levels of personal mobility and freedom. Their purchase has turned a new page in their lives, helping them access new heights and realise a dream. We would like to thank all our customers in the four countries for their choice and for putting their trust in Datsun.”

The Datsun GO was the first offering bearing the modernised brand to take to South Africa’s roads since the early 1980s. This trend has continued in the new year with 2 671 sales since January, positioning Datsun as the leader in the 2015 A-segment dealer sales.  
“The Datsun brand has such a rich history in South Africa; from the proud Datsun SSS days to the legendary Datsun bakkies that at least one of our family members owned. We are looking forward to hearing the stories from a new generation of Datsun owners,” says Des Fenner, General Manager at Datsun South Africa. 
South African customers who have opted to receive communication from Datsun will be contacted to share their stories on Datsun’s Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram using #dastunsstories_za. 

*Datsun sales started in March 2014 when the Datsun GO arrived in showrooms in India. The important 100 000 sales milestone – representing cumulative sales across the four markets – will be reached in early September 2015.

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