50Cent Blasts EMPIRE For Being Too Gay

Seems occasional rapper and perennial schoolyard bully Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson thinks it is still 2004 and he matters. Fiddy caused a lot of ruckus recently by mocking Empire's precipitous ratings drop and the show's "gay stuff."

Yeah, somebody better tell that worn-out Fiddy that being homophobic doesn't fly well these days. He re-grammed, then quickly deleted, the following post Instagram:

The flack was immediate just after he made the post. After weathering some flack for the post, Jackson was forced to clarify that he's not a homophobe, he just hates Empire. 

Many accused Fiddy of being jealous of Empire's success and trying to boost his own show, Power. The shows are thematically similar but of course Empire is the most popular. 

Homophobia aside, I posted on my Facebook that I personally have not been feeling the second season of Empire. I understand why some people don't love the show as much anymore. 

Empire's ratings have fallen in the second season. It is reported that the second episode dropped 18% from its second season premiere. I was not surprised by that. 

Be that as it may, the assertion by Fiddy and his stans that the show is too gay hence the decline in ratings, couldn't be farther from the truth. There was plenty of gay stuff in season one and, each episode, audiences grew—an unprecedented feat in modern television. 

The ratings are slipping this season because the novelty has worn off. Everyone wanted to be part of the Empire movement, now we stopped watching to be part of the frenzy but are now looking at the show for its content. 

Realistically the flaws of Empire are starting to show. The show is still doing great in the ratings and may be around for some more season but the cracks are unavoidably all over the show now. 

Personally I am over the celebrity cameos on Empire. It is ok when well known people make appearances on the show but when celebrities start appearing for the sake of being celebrities, that erodes the authenticity of the show. 

The show has flaws, the ratings may have declined and Mr Jackson is entitled to his opinion. However, I beg to differ that the demise of Empire, if it is eminent, will be because of the "gay stuff". People who are bothered by gay content do not watch the show because from the onset the show was very open with its gay storylines. 

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