CADBURY LUNCH BAR Lunch Bar’s new TV commercial celebrates South African resourcefulness!

South African TV audiences have a new hero, thanks to Lunch Bar’s latest TV commercial, on-screen this month!
Mo, the ever-hustling gym owner from Soshanguve, is a savvy entrepreneur who sets up a network of enterprises, which rely solely on power generated by people who train at his gym. It’s an Oviaas solution!

Built upon the premise of ‘everybody wins’ Mo’s Lunch Bar-powered resourcefulness has a knock-on effect which allows him the opportunity to offer services that people need, while also giving back to the community.
Having recently celebrated its 50th birthday, Lunch Bar has a long history of introducing iconic characters to South African TV audiences – remember ‘Makhathini from Maritzborough’ and the incredible dancing talents of the man on crutches who turns a train station into his stage?

Mo is the latest in that line – and he’s a perfect fit for modern-day South Africa with his entrepreneurial spirit and resourceful problem-solving ability.
“Through Mo’s journey we realise that he is much, much, more than just a hustler,” says Peter Little – Creative Director for Ogilvy Johannesburg.

“He’s a clever problem-solver who fuels his resourceful nature with Lunch Bar … Oviaas!”

“The introduction of this new TV commercial follows a series of iconic Lunch Bar commercials and we believe that its message will resonate with South African consumers,” says Andrea Wright, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate.

“More so, the commercial continues to inspire its fans to act on their potential, giving them the drive to perform and the kick-start to surprise the world with their skills and abilities.”
To further inspire fans, Lunch Bar invites consumers to follow as we pay homage to South Africa’s changemakers, while also applauding the unique solutions that only South Africans can find for everyday problems.

Since its launch in 1960’s, Lunch Bar has been the perfect snack bar generously packed with chunky peanuts, crisped rice, delicious wafer and chewy caramel all smothered in a thick layer of Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

A delicious mix of ingredients that fills you up with every bite as you tackle the road ahead of you. Lunch Bar – Oviaas! View the new Lunch Bar TV Commercial on

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