Shine Trevor Noah But Don't Drag Us To Score Points With Americans

I am not a Jacob Zuma or Mugabe fan but I am an African and proud to be South African, with all our continent's flaws.

Trevor Noah is an inspiration to a lot of us and we celebrate his success. He has a big platform now beyond his comedy tours and has a responsibility to stop perpetuating African Myths that makes the world think we all savages who live like cavemen.

It is funny once but when it becomes a regular thing one starts to ask; HOW IS THIS SERVING THE NARRATIVE ABOUT US?

Trevor compared Donald Trump to some of our African leaders in one of his monologues on the Daily Show by pointing out the stupid things those leaders have said in the past, which kinda mirrored Trump's vitriol utterances since running for the US presidency.

It was funny... But when he jokingly said he is grateful to have an indoor toilet, I kinda cringed a bit. Yeah its comedy and yeah he doesnt mean much by that BUT the funny can't always come at the expense of the dignity of Africans just so that Trevor Noah can sell himself as a rags-to-riches guy in Hollywood. 

Let's be real for a second, Trevor did not live through the 70s. He is an 80s child who grew up in the 90s. Now people all over the world act like Trevor was Hector Pietersen or something — and he is all too happy to let them run with that.

Trevor was not discovered on the dusty streets of Soweto or some shack in Gugulethu. The guy has been living comfortably in this country for most of his life and pretty much the rest of his adulthood. He may not have been making millions of dollars and flying around in private jets but in South African standards he has been well off for the most part of his career.

To now act like he was some down-trodden African peasant who has now been given a new life with indoor toilet in America is misleading and downright offensive. 

If that is the card Trevor wants to play to get him ahead, good for him but can it not be at our expense. We are tired of Americans thinking we are backward folks who are ravaged by diseases, poverty and dictatorships. We do not need an African perpetuating those stereotypes in the US. 

I am praying that this "drag Africa through the mud because I'm from Africa" thing will not become a thing for Trevor.

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