Could Ratings Drop Have Prompted DJ Sbu To Quit Friends Like These?

After 12 years with the SABC 1 game show, DJ Sbu has called it quits. The once hugely popular show, now in it's 13th season, has lost some of its lustre and is now at half of its former ratings numbers. DJ Sbu may have picked the right moment to bow out. 

Currently, Friends Like These sits on just over 1 million viewers, a far cry from its glory days when it pulled 3 million viewers every Saturday evening.

According to the latest TAMS tv ratings, the show is now the 5th most watched reality/game show program on television in SA. It is at the bottom of the top 5 that is led by etv's SA's Got Talent (2.7 million). More people watch 1s and 2s (2.5 million) and Now or Never (1.7 million) on SABC1 than watch Friends Like These (1.1 million). 

DJ Sbu is a businessman and a savvy one at that. I suspect he may have seen the decline and decided to bow out while the show still has a semblance of popularity. GOOD FOR HIM!!

In a statement DJ Sbu says he's now also done with the Urban Brew Studios produced show. DJ Sbu says he's "moving to bigger challenges".
"I have learnt a lot working with Urban Brew, the BBC and SABC1 to create such a successful game show. It has made my entertainment career a success and made me a household name in the South African television industry," says DJ Sbu in a statement.
"It's time I make way for others and move on to bigger challenges as a youth leader in business and community projects through my foundation SLEF. I am excited about my future endeavours in the business world. It's about time I pass on the baton to younger and fresh talent."
"It's going to be an exciting 2016," says DJ Sbu. 
"I'm looking forward to seeing the show grow from strength to strength. I still will be part of the show from the sidelines giving advice and guidance wherever I can, to make sure that the show continues to be the success it has been for the past decade."
DJ SBu says that it's "now time to put my faith on my entrepreneurship journey. Thixo!".

Leope is a winner. Winners know when to leave the party and this party is burning out so no surprise to me that the cool kid is bouncing. 

Can Friends Like These exist without Dj Sbu? YES. However, the channel and production team will have to find someone who has an audience pull and the prizes out to be more enticing. Furthermore, it seems like everyone has been on the show by now so perhaps they need to look at revamping the contestant format. Invite couples or families to compete against each other or something. 

Catch Sbu 'DJ SBU' Leope on Kicking Doors, Tuesdays at 20h30, on CNBC Africa (DSTV 410).

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