DJ Olwee Scores A Reality Show

Word is; socialite cum DJ, Olwethu Mlotshwa, better known in Jozi circles as DJ Olwee, has a new reality show. 

Word is that Mlotshwa and his friends will star in a reality show simply titled, CLIQUE. The show is centred around the lives of four friends trying to make it big in the entertainment industry. 

Also starring in the show is sometimes musician and blogger Mableh, with some two girls I don't know. Seriously, I saw the pictures and couldn't tell who the girls are. 

The show is likely to be picked up by Vuzu as it is produced by New Vision Pictures — which is the same company that produces Dineo's Diary and has done some few projects for the channel.    

Ok, to be fair, this is not a DJ Olwee show ... but let's face it, as the only one with some semblance of fame within the group, he is likely to be the stand out star. Dunno much about his personality though.

Do not rule out Mableh though. He has been known to be quite a sassy and funny character. He may become the breakout one. 

OK... now we wait to see how this turns out! I will keep you posted.

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