Fashion Page: Cruz Vodka Kicks Off SA Fashion Week | Pics Included

What do you get when you combine a premiere beverage brand and few people who love nothing but to party and be seen? A TURN UP!! and that is exactly what Tuesday, October 20th, ended up being. 

Cruz Vintage Black vodka celebrated the launch of SA Fashion week at this glittering opening party filled with elegance, style and celebrities. Sidebar, I am so out of the loop these days. There were few people who are apparently celebrities whom I didnt even know. Still, Im not about to start trolling Instagram. If you only famous because of Instagram, Im ok not knowing ya.  

Guests enjoyed a night filled with Fashion, Cruz vodka cocktails and on trend music provided by DJ Lulo cafè, Thiwe Mbola , DJ Naves and Sphectacular. 

Verdict: I guess fashionably late is a thing these days. Most people showed up way later than the scheduled time on the invitation. I had so much fun and the company was great ... I can't find anything to fault this event with. 

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