RANT: The Greatest Threat To Black Prosperity

Can we talk? I had a conversation with a friend today about the controversy surrounding ANCYL leader refusing to give up receiving a salary as an MEC. This is an "educated" friend, I mention that because we often think it is the poor uneducated South African who turn a blind eye to the ills of our current political spectrum.

Anyway, I was shocked by the self serving views this friend expressed. What hurt me though, was the fact that I had heard his views over and over againbefore from my people.

We are quick to speak of how the white man has done us wrong and stole from us BUT when it comes to our own personal interest we forget that US and only think of our individual self.

Maine's actions (and i dont give a fuck kinda utterances) are detrimental to US while his position serves HIM as proven by his greed for money over principles. The very same principles he constantly berates Malema and others for.

Elie Weisel once told Oprah Winfrey, when speaking of the horrors of the Holocaust, that what allowed 6 million Jews to be murdered was not hatred but indifference.

The greatest threat to our democracy and prosperity as black people in this country is not another apartheid, its not diseases, it is not a war BUT our indifference.

The fact that we just do not care unless something affects us directly, and even when that happens we still find ways to defer accountability elsewhere or blame the past, will be our undoing.

What keeps people like Maine in power and gives them the freedom to not care about principles and prey on our people's naïveté about politics is our indifference.

We forget that when ANC fails, we all fail. As a governing body and an father of our democracy, having been our liberation movement leader -- the party's decisions affect us all whether we vote for them or not.

It is therefore imperative that we stop being a collective of MEs but one unit as a nation and condemn these sort of blatant disregard for uBuntu. We have to say; NOT IN MY NAME! NOT IN THE NAME OF THE ANC of Luthuli, Mandela, Dube, Kotane and many others who fought to give you that platform.

You do not have to be anti-ANC to be disgusted by members of the elite within the party. As a constituent, you have a right... NO a RESPONSIBILITY... to rebuke such malice within the party.

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