Siba Mtongana Flies Our Flag High Around The World

This has clearly been the year of celebrating South Africans who have cracked the international market and are doing us proud on the global. With everyone caught up in Trevor Noah's Daily Show gig in the US, it is easy to forget that there are other South Africans who are making good strides internationally. One such person is Food Network's Chef Siba Mtongana.

I had the pleasure of being invited by The Food Network channel is South Africa to spend an afternoon with Siba as she launched the second season of her internationally well received culinary show, Siba's Table

The bubbly former food editor at Drum Magazine, who hails from rural EasternCape, may not have the celebrity stature of a Nigella or Gordon Ramsey but our very own Siba has made quite a mark. 

Her show is reportedly seen by over 60 million households in the US. She is also a familiar face to television viewers in the UK, the Middle East and across Africa. Save to estimate that she liked seen by more people than the entire population of South Africa.

With all this international exposure, looks like Siba may just fall into that all too familiar trend in SA of our people being superstars abroad but not getting the same love here at home. Siba's show is currently about to launch its second season but you do not see her name being mentioned as one to celebrate. 

Her debut book will be launched in Abu Dhabi later this year. Why does she have to launch all the way in the UEA when she should start here? Probably because we just do not care.  

Sadly Siba is no exception. There are people like Pretty Yende, who is a world renowned opera singer and has sang in the world's greatest halls with Kings and Queens, and most South Africans don't even know who she is. 

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