Think Like A Man Being Turned Into A Series

Word out of the US blogsphere is that the popular Think Like A Man movie franchise is now being turned into a series by the same channel that broadcasts Empire.

According to stateside reports, FOX has announced plans to create a comedy series based on the Think Like a Man franchise.

Steve Harvey, Keith Merryman, David A. Newman and Tim Story, who all played key roles in the creation of Think Like a Man and its sequel, will executive produce the series.

News outlet Deadline broke the story and reports;
The series explores the never-ending battle of the sexes from four very different points of view: newly married, moving in, breaking up and hooking up. Featuring both the male and female perspectives, our couples and their friends will realize that it’s easy to fall in love and “be” in love but not necessarily stay in love.

With the success of "black" shows such as Empire, How To Get Away With Murder and Blackish it comes as no surprise that Hollywood is jumping on the band wagon to capitalise on the new craze. 

I don't know if I am excited about this news given that Empire's second season has not really lived up to the hype. This craze, believe you me it is a craze, could endup doing the potential of diversity in Hollywood more harm than good if every successful 'black' production ends up being milked dry to ride of publicity.

What if the show fails? This would taint the legacy set by the films.

Furthermore most of the known faces in the films will unlikely sign on for a comedy. Taraji P Henson is not going to dump Cookie on Empire for this, Kevin Hart is unlikely to sign on too now that is a big movie star and with the exception of the minor cast member the other leads are unlikely to do the same.   

Losing those pivotal characters will inevitably dilute the essence of the Think Like A Man brand. Unless if the tv show will be a totally different cast from the films, which will in turn alienate the fans of the franchise.

I'm sorry but I am not feeling this one.

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