Former Generations Head Writer Joins Ashes To Ashes

Controversial former head writer of the original Generations, Bongi Ndaba, is now writing for etv's telenovela, Ashes to Ashes. 

Clive Morris Productions produced telenovela, Ashes to Ashes, is returning to etv for a second season after a successful run earlier this.

For its second season the show's producers promise to be bolder and offer riveting storylines.  To see to it that they deliver, the producers announced at DISCOP in Sandton today that they have hired Bongi Ndaba.

Ndaba unceremoniously quit Generations during its tumultuous time with the actors. In what many saw as her solidarity with the fired 16 actors, the writer allegedly refused to continue working with Mfundi Vundla unless the actors' grievances were listened to.

The actors and owner, Clive Morris, could not stop speaking highly of the writer. Morris described her as a "talented individual". Actor Patrick Shai said;
"We are blessed to have the talent of someone like Bongi. We know each other from other projects but this time around she has brought something really powerful to the story and the plot of this show." 
For her involvement in the show, Ndaba did not say much. Choosing to bask in the warm praise from her new co-workers, the writer just gleamed.

Ndaba is clearly a force to be reckoned with and her talents speak volumes given her track record. No doubt the Ashes to Ashes production's support and trust on her abilities will bring something fresh to the show.

Season 2 of Ashes to Ashes starts next year March, so we will see if the praise were deserved. In the meantime, congrats to Ndaba on her new job.

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