Reaction to Generations The Legacy Star Moans About Being Fired

I just read an article on Daily Sun about Kabelo Moalusi's reaction to being fired from the SABC1 soap. Hard as I tried to sympathise, I could't help but find myself feeling like telling him to shut up and suck it up. 

Here's the tea... Kabelo and all the current cast of Generations The Legacy have no leg to stand on when it comes to criticizing how Mfundi Vundla and his team run the show. Point blank. Period!

With all due respect to Mr Moalusi; dude you signed up for Generations after 16 well respected artists, who have toiled to earn their stripes in this business, were humiliatingly fired for demanding that they be treated with some dignity and be paid their dues.

It has always been common course that the grievances the fired actors raised were legitimate and the production company, by their own admittion, just could not meet their demand. No-one has ever said that they were wrong... unreasonble and unrealistic maybe, but the production company has never said they are wrong. 

By his defiance to accomodate any of the fired actors' demands, Mr Vundla made it very clear that Generations is his ship and he will run it as he pleases. You tow the line or take a hike!

Moalusi and others signed on knowing this position very well. For him to come out and cry fowl now that he is getting a taste of the same medicine — it is ridiculous. 

Moalosi is quoted by Daily Sun as having said [of his being fired]; 

“I think it could have been handled differently. They should have told me they would be telling everyone so that I could prepare myself. I hadn’t told a lot of people, so some were shocked by the news. 
“It’s just a respect thing that I wished I had got.”
Man take several seats, leak your wounds and go find another job.  Respect? How do you expect respect when the 16 actors that came before you did not receive that courtesy after some of them had been with the show for decades?

What makes YOU special that Vundla and his team would suddenly treat you differently? You signed up for this knowing the history of that production. You had your 15min of fame. Use it to advance your career and good luck on your future endeavors. But let this one go broer. Bye!

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