Idols SA 2016 New Season Audition Dates Leaked

Ever wondered why Idols South Africa winners never have a career to write home about? This is why. Just barely a week after Karabo was announced as the winner of the talent search competition, the team behind the show is already moving on. 

In a move that blatantly show that the production and the broadcaster only cares about making a TV show and selling airtime, it has been revealed that the new dates for season 12 of the show are set to begin in January. 

It is important to point out that, unlike American Idols, the local version of the show does not have the accompanying tour that gives contestants an opportunity to perform to audiences outside of the show's studio. 

Beyond the actual taping of the show, there is no added support what-so-ever to the contestants. Hey, there is no rule that Mnet should care but for a show that claims to unearth hidden gems and expose a future Idol to the nations, Idols fails dismally on any moral ground. 

While it is the responsibility of the contestants to use the platform to further their career, there is also a whiff of exploitation here. You help Mnet and the production companies to make money off of your talent and they just ditch when they are done with you. 

How are the winners supposed to build any brand traction from their appearance on the show, if their existence is quickly overshadowed by the search for a new person as soon as they leave the stage with their winnings?

How are the fans supposed to form any relationship with the artists beyond the show, if they are forced to focus on new people just weeks after seeing their new Idol crowned?

Anyway, the new dates for 2016 auditions are as follows; 

  • Durban, The Playhouse, Saturday 30 January 2016
  • Pretoria, The State Theatre,Saturday 6 February 2016
  • Johannesburg, Carnival City, Sunday 28 February 2016
  • Cape Town, Grand West Casino, Saturday 5 March 2016
Good luck. Hopefully Karabo will find some support in the industry and be able to build a career. 

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