Mzansi Magic's The Road To Nowhere | Ratings Continue To Plummet For The Telenovela

The numbers are out and once again Mzansi Magic's latest big budget project, The Road, is not doing well. The Road's ratings numbers according to TAMS have dropped once again. 

TAMS numbers show that in week 42 of 2015, that is from 12th to 18th October, The Road fell to a new ratings low.

The big budget series only managed to reach 185,000 viewers — that is 353,000 viewers less than it averaged in viewership when it premiered.

The big question now is; How long will Mzansi Magic keep the show on air? Especially since it looks like the show has no chance of catching on with viewers.

The other big problem is that the high production value of the show must be costing the channel a fortune. Much like the situation with The Wild, which the channel had to eventually let go even though it was receiving good critical reviews.

The problem with The Road, unlike The Wild, is that the show has not received any positive reviews beyond its premiere episode.

I'm not trying to be harsh but truth is that the show is unwatchable. It is very confusing and I couldn't bother watching beyond the second episode and clearly I was not the only one.

With the channel having canned Zabalaza recently, will The Road stick around for long? Is the end of the road looming for this big budget dud?

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