Socialite Iko Mash To Make Her Acting Debut On Rhythm City

Make-up artist and socialite, Iko Mash, has joined the cast of etv's flagship soap, Rhythm City. Mash is said to be bring some education about cross-dressing to South African screen with her character on the show. 

In recent times of Caitlin Jenner and the issue of diversity in how we as human-beings identify ourself and embrace all sorts of sexual identities, Rhythm City has become the first soap in Mzansi to tackle the issue of male crossing. 

With the success of telenovelas, soap writers have had to dig deep to find compelling stories to tell for them to be competitive in attracting viewers. 

The Quizzical Pictures produced soap is no stranger to tackling controversial issues head on. They have had a gay kiss, mob justice, nyaope drug abus, etc. Some of these issues are still taboo in our society and the show has delved right into the pit of controversy surrounding these issues. 

With the introduction of Zahr, played by Iko Mash, the show has taken yet another leap of faith in an effort to be reflective of the diversity of identities we have in our societies — thus offering an opportunity to educate viewers as well. 

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