MTVBase Takes On The Nation's Biggest Daily News | New Show

Viacom International Media Networks Africa's flagship youth music and lifestyle channel, MTVBase, announced recently that they will be bringing a new show come 2016. 

The new show, styled in the panel discussion of the biggest news making waves on social media format, will be a short format daily insert which will culminate in a full episode of the biggest news of the week at the end of the week.

I had a chat with Tim Horwood, MTV Base channel director, who explained that the aim for the new show is to engage audiences beyond just having them watch the channel. Horwood says the hope the show will be a daily destination for the youth of the nation. 

Ok, lets be frank here. Social and entertainment news shows in Mzansi fail because of the lack of immediacy. By the time they talk about it on tv, the story is old news because of social media. 

To remedy this, Horwood says the show will incorporate a LIVE feed from Twitter. So basically, Twitter can be in on the conversation with the panel on the show. I love that. 

Looks set to be an interesting platform to get some genuine thoughts on topical issues. One just hopes it is not gonna be another celebrity suck-up fest. Hopefully the panelist will not be wanna-be socialites who wanna be friends with these celebs but actually people who have some credibility and insights into the industry. 

Let's not have celebrities trying to have an unbiased commentary about other celebs. That ish never works. 

No date has been set yet for the Daily News show... atleast I was not made aware of the date if it exists.

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