Actress Andrea Dondolo's Wonderfully Surprising Act of Kindnes Will Make You smile

Actress Andrea Dondolo, popularly known for her role as Ayanda on the SABC sitcom Stokvel, has a big heart. Today she proved that by tracking down a man to return his wallet after she found it at the airport. 

Andrea and I are friends on Facebook and I read her post often. Since knowing her, I have learned that she is a very charitable woman and involved in tackles social issues. She has actively supported campaign like World Book Day SA, in 2014 she stood atop the iconic Table Mountain with a banner to raise awareness about violence against women and girl. This lady cares and clearly walks the talk.

This week on January 22nd, the actress posted on her Facebook account that whilst at the airport she found a wallet in the luggage trolley. She posted pictures of the wallet and the person and asked the public to help her track down the man and give him back his wallet. 

"I posted on Fb seeking advice from my friends , one saw the Makro card and asked me for his name which I provided. Then he contacted a friend at Makro and they gave me the number." said Dondolo when I asked her about the incident. 

Andrea says the gentleman who goes by the name of Carel Norval was so happy he could not believe in this day and age someone would be caring enough to go the extra mile to track a stranger, safeguard his property and all his money. 

It was strange there was a sense of familiarity when we met , even the pic we took one coz he was truly pleased.

What touched me about Andrea's story is that it couldn't have come at a more poignant point. As some in our country are trying to drive a wedge between us as South Africans, a black woman goes the extra mile to show kindness to a white person. 

The concept of Ubuntu that is the cornerstone of our identity as Africans [in its simplicity] is all about the connection that these two strangers will now share because of their accidental circumstances. 

For Andrea to drive all the way to Pretoria — she tells me she had a commitment there anyway — but sill, to return that wallet with all the money and everything in it intact goes to show that at the end of the day love and caring about another humanbeing has no racial, creed or class filter.

Good on you, Andrea. We celebrate you and what you demonstratively stand for!

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