Cows Stolen From Isibaya Set

Seriously, I don't make this ish up! When thousands flooded Twitter with congratulatory words to the production team of Mzansi Magic telenovela, Isibaya, for a compelling gun fight episode, little did viewers know that the cows that made a brief appearance on one of the scenes were now GONE. Casualty of the Zungus and Ndlovus war?!

Isibaya depicts the battle for wealth and power between the Zungus and the Ndlovus, two rival families living in Thukela Valley. The bitter feud between the two powerful taxi families continues in Egoli, the city of gold, where the Zungus seek to build their fortune. 

The premise explores the promise of riches and old cycles of revenge that continue to tear them apart. In the past they battled over cattle, but the taxi business has become the new commodity. Well ... that might now be more pertinent than before since the cows are gone. 

Crime is not funny but we all deserve a little chuckle once in a while even in the most dire of situations. The funny part is that Isibaya, the title of the show, literally means means The Kraal – where a herd of cattle and goat are kept – but is also colloquially a reference to a fleet of taxi’s and new wealth. Therefore having a kraal and some animal in it on this show is kinda important, wouldn't you say?!

Jokes aside, this has obviously raised some issues about the security on the farm used by the Bomb Shelter produced series, which is located somewhere in Soweto.  

Im told the six cows will be replaced by new "actor" cows. The show must go on!

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