Dineo Ranaka Joins Brenda Ngxoli and Zolisa Xaluva in New Drama Series

Television and radio personality Dineo Ranaka is starring in a new OpenView HD drama series, Hustle. Ranaka will be starring alongside notable actors such as Emmy nominee Brenda Ngxoli and former Generations star Zoliswa Xaluva. 

The drama series is based on the premise of a volatile music industry and covers all aspects relating to music, talent and the various twists and turns in a cut throat music business. 

Hustle follows the story of a has-been music diva who has lost her mojo after a long and successful career. Kitt is a has-been, who sang hit records, had a huge fan base, and performed in big concerts in the 80s, but her career has crashed. 

She started off like many great artists in a singing group called The Sparrows with her sister and best friend, but her extraordinary voice and hot ambition made sure she was picked from the trio and nurtured to superstardom. She rose to the heights of the South African music industry.

Kitt is now trying to make a come-back. The drama captures her rough journey back to the top of the charts.

The leading role of Kitt will be portrayed by actress Brenda Ngxoli. Ngxoli will act alongside talented actors such as Masello Montana, Dineo Ranaka, Zolisa Xaluva Xolile Sithole and Angela Sithole.
“This series presents the pursuit of dreams and how they can sometimes uplift and destroy us. We have chosen a cast that defines our characters. These are all actors who bring talent, passion and a sense of the drama of life," says Fireworx producer Bridget Pickering.
The drama series is produced by Fireworx will be exclusive to eKasi+ until later in 2016 when it will air on e.tv.

Hustle will premiere on Thursday, 11 February at 21h00 on eKasi+ channel 104 on OpenView HD

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