A Stranger And A VERY Lucky Guy Win KFC's Couchstagram Selfie Adventure Race

KFC hosted one of its fun activations in Johannesburg this past weekend. Dubbed the Selfie Adventure Race with the hashtag #ColonelCouch, teams of participants raced around Maboneng precinct with a trip to Mauritius up for grabs at the finish line. 

In a remarkable turn of events, a very lucky guy and a complete stranger ended up on the winning team and will be heading off to sunny Mauritius on all all expenses paid trip courtesy of KFC. 

Participants were in teams of four and needed to find each of the 20 landmarks given to them at the start of the race. When they found these landmarks the teams had to take a team selfie with it and upload it onto instagram.

1st team to arrive but they did not complete the task and had to fall back in line

Simple, right? Wrong. Some of the "landmarks" were as small as a tennis ball, some were inside buildings while other were just in plain sight. Being a regular at Maboneng offered no added advantage as teamed struggled to find all 20 signs. 

One team triumphed though and that may have had something to do with the interesting composition of their team. Turned out the team's original fourth member showed up drunk at the venue and had to be left in the car and not participate. 

Fate intervened and some guy who saw people running around asked what was happening and whether he could join in on the fun. That guy was Thabiso Ndlovu.
Thabiso Ndlovu, he was not even invited and now he is off to Mauritius

Seeing as Dustin Alves, Leon Petterson and Mohamed Essop's team was one member short, Thabiso joined them. Speaking of Mohamed, he must have been the lucky charm the team needed because the guy has been on a winning streak with KFC. Just few days prior to this race he had won a playstation on another activation the brand had. 

While Dustin, Leon, Mo and Thabiso were the ultimate winning team, they were certainly not the first at the finish-line. Two teams beat them to the finish line but attention to detail and not following the rules saw them get penalised and the lads took the prize. 

Lucky guy; MO has won a playstation from KFC 

I missed out on the chance because we got there late but I was exhilarated that a "consumers" team won instead of a team made up of media personnel. We get enough perks as it is. That this winning team had such a remarkable story made their win even more sweet to witness. 

Congrats guys. Enjoy Mauritius!! 

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