Celebrities Spar Over Koyo Bala's Death — Iko Mash Calls Ephraim Molingoane An Opportunistic Liar

Celebrity stylist cum actor, Iko Mash, has called out designer Ephraim Molingoane as being an opportunistic media whore for claiming that he had the ear of the Bala family following the sad passing of socialite Koyo Bala. 

In a scathing post on Facebook, Iko Mash lashed out at Molingoane and accused him of hogging the spotlight at the expense of Bala's death. Mash writes;
"I am saddened by how former friend is riding on Koyo's death to elevate himself and his own brand and benefit as the voice of reason in his life." 
Mash claims that Molingoane kicked Bala out of his place when he needed him the most. 

"You avoided him and refused to take his calls when he needed you the most. Stop embarrasing yourself and grow up"
Iko Mash's rant follows an interview where Molingoane is quoted by SowetanLive as a friend and housemate of the late Koyo. 
"Speaking for the family longtime friend and housemate Ephraim "Ephymol" Molingoana told Sowetan Live that Bala always kept a positive outlook and remained strong throughout his illness." wrote SowetanLive
Mash was not having it. He continued giving Molingoane a lashing by alluding that the designer had no place speaking for Koyo or his family. 
"You dont know anything about what led to Koyo's death and you not even making an effort to find out from us Koyo's friends what eventually happened." 
"Stop feeding the media your pathethic lies and insinuations. You are an old man, you should know better and lead by example"

He called on Molingoane to allow Koyo's friend and former band mate, Amstel, to lead the charge and tell Bala's "true life story". 
"Respect yourself and let Amstel tell the media Koyo's true life story. Refrain from feeding the media your guilt and insecurity and bruised ego through Koyo. " 
Mash pleaded with the media and public to be sensitive about the details around Bala's demise. He says everyone should "accomodate everyone including Koyo's family with facts and truthful information." 

As for Molingoane, Mash's last words to him was a sharp advice; 
"Dont use Koyo's death to elevate yourself. Iprhaim Malingoane you are an excuse of a human being. You are pathetic and disgusting and you have no shame sis. What goes around comes around." {sic}
Yah ne. There are two ways to look at this incident. On one side, if Mash's allegations towards Molingoane are factual then by all means he has every right to call him out on that. And yes, PUBLICLY. 

On the other hand, a lot can be learned from this incident by everyone interested in the social life of the entertainment industry. I have shared constantly on my social media platform, that to know someone it doesn't mean you are friends.

A lot of friendships in this town are just for career convenience and advancement than genuine love and respect. 

I share this with you because it says a lot about friendships. Know who your true friends are.

Koyo Bala passed away this week following a long battle with cancer. The socialite had also publicly announced in 2010 that he was living with HIV. 

Ephraim Molingoane reportedly told Sowetan; "we are devasted and in a state of disbelief". I assume the WE is for he and the family.

Tributes and messages of support for Bala and his loved ones continue to pour in. 

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