Generations is a TV Show NOT a Church or Classroom

I came across a "Dear Mr Vundla" letter on Facebook the other day and was shocked at how naivé some SABC tv viewers are. It would appear that in 2016 some South Africans still cant separate television fiction to reality. 

Of course most people know that people on shows like Generations are just acting but often South Africans tend to get so invested in these characters that they forget that they are just watching a make-believe world. 

It is a common thing that actors in Mzansi become known with their character names for pretty much all of their career lives, especially if they have been on one of the big soaps for too long.

Still, I am still baffled by the fact that people still find the time to complain that Generations is not "teaching" viewers good morals. 

One Generations fan wrote an impassioned letter on Facebook which read thus; 

Dear Mr Mfundi Vundla 

I understand that TV is one of the mediums, used to educate and influence the nation, young people and children to be specific. 

But please tell me, how is Generations educating the nation if Tshidi and Kumkani steal a child and then use witchcraft to escape the so-called punishment from the ancestors? 

They even have a snake that protects them Smh!!!. How are young women being taught to be faithful and humble to their husbands if Karabo cheats on her husband and then marries her boyfriend whether her husband likes it or not? 

How are girls being encouraged to work hard if Mary fled with a sugar daddy? what are young people learning from your show sir if I may ask? because really the only issues that are always being broadcasted is Gangsterism, Fornication and witchcraft. Or is that what you want young people to learn sir? 
Please use your show to build a better Generation. Because TV is very influential.  
Thank you. President of the NAHAB
Oh bless! It is nice to see that viewers can get so invested in the work our colleagues in the industry do. HOWEVER, if you expect a TV Soap to teach you about what's morally right, then you are lost and need some divine intervention in your life.

GENERATIONS or any tv show is about entertainment. Producers strive to get viewers. PERIOD.

As bad as the acting is or as ridiculous as the plot is on Generations, if it keeps viewers tuning in, the producers are earning their paycheck.

It is not Mfundi Vundla's job to educate our nation. His job is to ENTERTAIN us. Simple. 

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