Jonathan Boyton-Lee Named Joop Homme 2016 Ambassador

Top Billing presenter Jonathan Boyton-Lee was named as the new ambassador for Joop Homme male fragrance brand in South Africa. The announcement was made at an event held in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

Boyton-Lee beat out stiff (in more way than one) competition from fellow tv presenter Cyprian Ndlovu, actor Vuyo Dabula and soccer star Mthokozisi Yende and model-cum-actor Izak Davel. he was a clear favourite to take the title judging by the comments on social media and the overwhelming response from the guest at the event everytime his name was mention. 

Jonathan takes over from actor Lehasa Moloi who was last year's ambassador. Moloi was preceded by Maps Maponyane. 

The event was just ok. Better planning could have made it a memorable night but it wasn't. In 2016, people still host events with drinks vouchers? Yeah they eventually opened up the bar but walking in and being handed small pieces of paper as drink tokens was a bit of shock. Doesnt say much for the brand if they cant afford to have an open bar. Juss sayin! 

Another thing, if you are going to have an event with speeches and some formalities, best start on time or limit the amount of alcohol being served before the proceedings. Poor Pearl Modiadie had to shout over the guests because we just couldn't keep quiet during the formalities. Some of us we already tipsy. I mean seriously, what do you expect?!

It got so bad that it seemed like the contestants were fed up too. I spotted Mthokozisi, Jonathan and Vuyo fiddling with their phones a few times during the proceedings. Begging guests to keep quiet and focus on the formalities also created an awkward atmosphere. 

One other strange thing; it was clear the organisers already knew that Jonathan had won the votes but they still subjected the guys to some silly Q & A about why they want to be the new ambassador. We know they knew because the items in the goody bag already had Jonathan's name printed as the winner. 

Anyway, congrats to Jonathan !!! Thank you Joop Homme for your hospitality!

NB: More pics from the event on my sister site; HashtagTMI

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