Kim K Didn't Break The Net But She Kept South Africans More Interested Than Americans

Kim dropped her clothes AGAIN, the world went crazy but the internet remained intact. Yes people, Kim did not break the internet. Her latest attempt didn't even shake it.   

The Reality TV star posted a nude picture on Monday while standing stark naked in her bathroom. She added black censorship bars over her breasts and lady bits... to keep her modesty, I guess. Yeah right!

Ok it definitely didn't break the internet, or even dent it but gave it a little shake that led to American singer and comedian, Bette Midler suggesting Kardashian's nudity was no longer shocking and said she would need to swallow a camera to show parts of herself that the world had not yet seen.

The biggest selling magazine in Mzansi, Drum Magazine's website fell for the ruse and claimed; "Kim Kardashian breaks the net again… with a nude".

Well, a little homework would have pointed the good people at Drum and everybody else who claimed Kim brke the internet that she didn't.

Here are the facts: 

According to Google Trends Kim Kardashian's popularity is declining. She’s currently at her lowest point in terms of Google search results since this time last year. Hmmm... that would explain a lot, like a sudden urge to drop her clothes. 

As you can see from the above chart, Kardashian’s search results are on the decline. Public interest in Kardashian has dropped a whopping 78% since November 2014 — the last time she supposedly 'broke the Internet'.

She trended #6 on worldwide behind Katt Williams‘ fight video and the #NationalCerealDay hashtag.

But Mrs West needn't despair if the Americans are sick of her, she still have fans in Mzansi. When I checked Google trends today, South Africa was the third country behind Trinidad & Tobago and Armenia with the highest regional interest on the name Kim Kardashian. 

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