Naijas Give Minie Dlamini Thumps Up and Thomas Gumede Thumbs Down

2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards were held in Nigeria this past weekend. Our South African media personalities, Minnie Dlamini and Thomas Gumede made the performers list for the event, Minie as host and Thomas as a comedy act for the night. The reviews are out ...

Minnie Dlamini has gotten a big thumbs up from Nigerian blogsphere for her hosting skills. The TV presenter put her experience and skills to good use when she held her own opposite Naija star Ik Osakiodua as hosts. 

She won a few new fans and some applause from the audience when she greeted the audience in a local ‘Igbo Kwenu’ language.

Her Gert Johan Coetzee redcarpet dress also got some approving nods. 

Sadly the South African adulation at the event did not extend to actor-comedian Thomas Gumede. According to comments on blogs and social media, Gumede was just not funny. 

A reviewer for summed it up by writing; 
There were two onscreen stand up comedians for the night, one Thomas Gumede and the other Ugandan called Salvador. Gemede was boring to me and out of place with his jokes. The audience gave him some polite reactions but most times he seemed quite forward with his jokes and was just average. 
But his Ugandan counterpart, Salvador? Now, that is a funny guy! Without sounding condescending, I actually thought he was going to be as tepid as Gemede when he was introduced but the dude is a natural! He was so on point and had the audience in stitches. He was one of the major highlights of the night.
Sorry Thomas.

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