SABC3 Says They're NOT Confused But I Am

Hard to believe but I have been at this entertainment blogging thing for 10 years now. My first article was in 2006 and as you may have picked up by now, I tend to write more on television stuff than anything else. 

See, I am not a journalist. Not by profession or even interest. I just love the entertainment industry and have managed to make a living sharing my opinions about it. Truth be told South African entertainment journalists annoy the hell out of me. Not to say they are all bad. 

I have made few friends within the entertainment media circles and many are good people. BUT freaken hell a lot of them don't know the hell what they doing. Makes one wonder what all these diplomas and degrees are for. 

Case in point, we attended a media presser for SABC3's new shows. The primary purpose of the event was to inform the media about SABC3's up coming shows and its current state. We watched, we listened and it was time to ask questions. 

I often prefer not to ask questions at these events because I have kinda gain a rep for being "Mr Negative" because I dare to ask pressing question. Anyway, once again the so called media was asking frivolous questions and really not asking anything with much substance. 

Out of frustration, I raised my hand and asked SABC3 Head Aisha Mohamed what exactly is the channel trying to do. I told her that for years past we knew what each of the SABC channels' brand position was but now it would appear like SABC3 is just confused and not sure where it stands. 

In response, Mohamed, replied that the channel is not confused and it continues to see itself as a variety and entertainment channel. She said they have experimented with Afrikaans content because the channel is actually a multi cultural/lingual platform. She also conceded that there Afrikaans was a failure, in her own diplomatic way of course. 

I wanted to ask more and actually get some real answers from the executive, because I am a tv fan. I am a viewer and if I am confused or dissatisfied with what the channel is offering I can bet I am not alone in that. Unfortunately, though these events are meant to be for interactions with the execs and ask questions, when you are the lone wolf, it does get a tad intimidated to be happing on probing when everyone else seems to be interested in just drinking and goody bags.

SABC3 has a lot to account for, if it would only be held to that responsibility. The channel has been struggling to retain the upper LSM viewer attraction it enjoyed before. Audiences for shows like Top Billing have waned and the constant program shuffling and swap with its sister channel has done nothing but further taint the channel's brand.

Aisha Mohamed, a very clam and courteous lady, spoke to me personally at the presser and said should I need anymore info she is happy to answer any questions I may have. So, there is access to the management then why are the journalists not probing?

I used to accuse the local entertainment media for being a "suck-up media". They will always tow the line and not do their job. Their vice is to appease so that they can get invites to events or take selfies with celebrities. 

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