#SAFTAS SHOCKER: Viewers Won't Be Able To Vote For Uzalo

In yet another shocking but somewhat expected development in the South African Television and Film Awards saga, South Africa's highest rated show will not be contending for the ultimate nod on the night of the event. NFVF blames Uzalo for not being included on the viewer's choice voting list for Best Soap. 

The NFVF in a statement says the hugely popular, and I mean HUGELY popular, SABC1 weekday soap isn't eligible and included because "the producers entered it as a drama and not a soapie".

This means viewers will not get the opportunity to vote for the show in the biggest awards of the evening which is the Best Soap category. And yes they deserve to be on that list because by having Ashes to Ashes on that we have somewhat accepted that telenovelas and soaps will be judged together in the same category. 

Ok, let's give the organisation the benefit of the doubt that this mishap is as a result of Uzalo having submitted itself in a wrong category. Still, weren't the Safta team supposed to get back to Uzalo people and tell them that this would be a confusion to the viewers and that they will forfeit a chance to compete with their counterparts if the are pitted against Dramas instead of soaps?

Snubbed: Uzalo star Nay Maps
In their defense, I suppose this would explain their total snub of Uzalo actors, save one, even in that Drama category. The ghosts judging panel must have been confused. That new guy, Nay Maps, has given some of the best performances for a newcomer in a long time. He deserves some recognition but that is just my opinion.

I seriously don't know who to slap. All these shows not knowing exactly what they want to be and the SAFTAs being an organisation that needs a serious overhaul. I honestly think Uzalo being a soap is a mistake.

I believe to have a lasting legacy as the first show to come out of KZN and take the nation by storm, the only show to dethroned the arrogant Generations and a show, they needed to bow out at the top. Being a soap means at some point people will get bored of it. Production will get expensive and they will start cutting corners. They will taint the reputation of the show.

That is what happens when a good thing stay on tv for too long.   

Muvhango will also not stand for the Best Soap trophy as they did not submit the show for consideration this time around according to NFVF. 

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