The Good Life Network presenter Fathima Simjee Takes On Health Issues

The Good Life Network, a pop up channel on DSTV,  continues to bring health related edu-tainment to South African audience. Hosting one of its shows is Fathima Simjee. 

Simjee is a journalist and television producer with Health-e News, a non-profit news agency dedicated to covering health news in South Africa. She joined the organisation in 2010 after completing a Bachelor of Journalism degree, specialising in television production at Rhodes University.

I asked her why was it important for her to do a show on the Good Life Network. To which she said;
Working in health journalism in South Africa for 5 years has shown me just how imperative health education is, as well as how severely it is lacked. Not only are many South Africans not aware of their rights to health care, but also how to take care of their own health and wellbeing and prevent serious illness from developing. This show provided a much needed platform to address these crucial issues and to engage South Africans with what is happening within their health system, and in the world around them.

She holds a Masters in Science Journalism from City University London. In 2015 she joined the Good Life Network as a producer and presenter of Health Matters, a citizen journalism show covering health issues. 

I asked her what impact she hopes the show will have on South Africa’s health awareness and she stressed that in personal health care, sometimes its the little steps and little things that can make a huge difference.

While it is noted that Fathima's particular area of interest lies in maternal and child health, Health Matters as a show covers a wide spectrum of SA Health – community news focus; SA – Primary Health Care; News from Africa; Health Trends and Weekly interviews. 

"I hope this show has encouraged women to get a pap smear, to check their breasts or if they are over a certain age to get a mammogram, for a person to request a blood sugar and blood pressure test the next time they are at the clinic, or choose a glass of water instead of a can of sugar - packed soda." says Simjee
The aim is not only to inform people about health news both in the country and internationally, but also to encourage small lifestyle changes that can make a dramatic difference.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi

Catch Fathima Simjee on Health Matters every Saturday at 6am, 10am and 2pm on DSTV channel 199. 

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