US Media Calls For Trevor Noah's AXING

One of America's most prolific news outlet,, has called for our very own export Trevor Noah's axing from The Daily Show. In a scathing op'ed published yesterday, reporter Steve Almond called Noah's Daily Show; "irrelevant". 

Noah hit the jackpot when he was roped in to replace Jon Steward — a mammoth task but also a move that catapulted our Trevor to international stardom. The show in its initial run with Noah at the helm was a moderate success, pulling in big numbers in its first week and sustaining a laudable new number of young viewers tuning in. 

It would be disingenuous to not mention that from the beginning there were detractors and naysayers who thought Noah was just too out-of-the-box a choice to take over the American iconic political satire and commentary show. 

In November 2015, Sarah Burris wrote on the same site that the Daily Show has become a "distaster and is not getting any better"

John Johnson, on the Chicago Tribune in February 23rd this year, bemoaned that six month since Jon Stewart left the show,  "his legacy is looking strong everywhere except on “The Daily Show.”. 

"It’s hard not to wonder what would have happened to “The Daily Show,” which Stewart built into an essential part of the comedo-political conversation, if Comedy Central had made the more natural transition by giving the hosting job to [Samantha] Bee." wrote Johnson

Apparently he is not the only one who thinks Samantha Bee should have replaced Stewart. In his piece yesterday, Almond wrote; 

"... over the past month it’s become painfully obvious that “The Daily Show” squandered its shot at a political comedy dynasty by betting on the wrong host."
" They could have, and should have, offered the gig to their brilliant and longest-serving correspondent Samantha Bee, who had supplied the show 12 years of sidesplitting dispatches. But they never even asked her. 
Instead, they went with Trevor Noah, an affable South African newcomer who had appeared on the program a grand total of … three times. I will refrain from calling this a crying shame; it’s more like a damn shame."
Following the Daily Show coverage of the recently most talked about story outside the presidential race in the US,  Apple VS the FBI, journalist Brendan Gautheir asked; 
"What the Hell Happened to 'The Daily Show'? 
Trevor Noah on Apple vs FBI last night crystallizes every dumb, unfunny impulse of the show's new era."

The Daily Show is also haemorrhaging viewers as reported in February. According to sites like Showbuzz, Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show landed at No. 28 when it came to original cable television newscasts, as he attracted only 882,000 viewers and only 360,000 in the 18-49 age range on Monday January 8th 2016. 

On Thursday February 4th, he had attracted 768,000 viewers, with 310,000 in the 18-49 range. However, the night before, he helped attract about one million viewers with approximately 440,000 in the 18-49 range.

With those numbers and others writting Noah off, The Iquisitor was more positive about our Trevor's prospects. They wrote; 

Perhaps the problem isn’t with Trevor Noah, but, instead, with the people watching the show. It’s obvious that they miss Jon Stewart. However, Trevor Noah has said that he doesn’t want to be another Jon Stewart, so viewers may need to judge Noah on a different set of expectations.

Doom and gloom be damned. Don't expect Trevor to be shipped back to Mzansi anytime soon or ever. Our guy's sitting pretty well in the US. There is no denying that he has cracked the glass ceiling and it would take some catastrophic act on his part to squander this opportunity. 

Trevor is still well-liked in the US with comments like 'charming' and 'talented' often being thrown around at a mention of his name. With that, our Trevor will always have a job in America. I see a sitcom or movie role in the future for him. 

PLUS, he is making PAPER baba... the guy is now a multi-millionaire by African standards 9 (and a millionaire by US standards too)  and a bonafide international celeb. 

Should the show or Trevor get tanked, phela these Americans don't play around when it comes to firing stars or cancelling shows, he is set for a pretty cosy life and potentially lucrative career — regardless. 

We are rooting for you broer!!

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