Guess Who Is The Highest Selling Celebrity Cover Girl in SA

Once again, the song I have been singing about the media and Twitter not being a true reflection of this industry have been proven correct. Guess who is the best selling cover girl in SA...

According to a friend at Media24, Katlego Danke has been the biggest selling celebrity Drum magazine has had on their cover. Given that Drum has the highest circulation of all magazines in the country with peak sales of over 130 000 per issue, this makes Danke a bankable star for the in deed.

Judging by the obsession the media have with a select few faces in the industry you’d actually think the opposite and not even think Danke is a star of that caliber.

The biggest female celebrity in South Africa, who also happens to be the biggest star on social media, is in reality and contrast one of the lowest selling cover girls in this country when you look at the numbers. 

We can have a hoohah about #OpenUpTheIndustry but for as long as the media continues to ignore facts and perpetually fall on the bandwagon of Twitter, no real change will come. 

Katlego Danke has actually been at the top of sales for 2 years. Of  course exclusive celebrity stories  outsell on the mag cover outsell her but for issues that focus only on profiling a specific celebrity, the former Generations star reigns supreme. 

If people clearly find Katlego more interesting and are willing to spend money to read about her, how then is she not lauded as the Queen of the industry? Isnt business about selling power?

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