Queen Latifah To Host New Show On The Travel Channel

After her second stint at talk show hosting tanked, Queen Latifah is adding another production credit to her resume.  Queen Latifah will premiere a new show, “The Best Place To Be,” on the Travel Channel this July.

According to reports coming out of the US, Queen Latifah's new venture with The Travel Channel will see cameras follow A-list celebrities who allow viewers to “travel” with them to their favorite cities.

“The Best Place To Be” is just one of many new shows coming to the Travel Channel says Senior Vice President of the network, Courtney White. 
“Look for more Travel Channel shows like ‘Expedition Unknown’ and ‘Bizarre Foods’ that provide much-needed escape from the daily grind. We’ll travel to plenty of farflung and fascinating places, eat mouthwatering foods and have lots of laughs along the way. 
We’ll spend time in warm-climate locales that viewers can’t get enough of – like Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean. And we’ll even embark on a worldwide search with Josh Gates for the legendary Yeti in ‘Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti.”

From what I have gathered from reports, you wont necessarily be seeing Beyonce in her hotel room but viewers will be able to see where participating celebrities like to eat, drink, shop and sight-see off the beaten path.

Another thing, the show will likely not feature A-listers at the top echelon of Hollywood's elite, so BeeHive and Babs don't get too excited. It is unlikely that stars such as Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian will be on the show. You'll probably see famous people who could spare time to shoot the show. 

Also coming up on the channel is a new show hosted by muscle actor Terry Crews called Celebrity Adventure Club. On the show Terry Crews is also set to take us along for "an intimate adventure of discovery and exploration," alongside actors Jon Cryer [Two and a Half Men] and Eric Stonestreet [Modern Family].

I will inform you when I get the airing dates for South Africa. 

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