Actress Nolo Phiri Launches Her Own Clothing Line

Errbody is talking about Rhythm City actress Nolo Phiri's latest venture... ok they are not but they should be. 

Nolo Phiri has collaborated with clothing and accessories brand  Apples and Oranges and will be bringing out a clothing line together later this week. 

The actress teased on social media on Tuesday and hinted that the line will cater for woman‚ with a men’s wear range possibly in the works.

Talking about the range‚ Nolo says that fans and fashionistas can expect “a clothing line that celebrates simplicity.”

Although not much is known about the range at this time‚ Nolo and the designers have both posted a series of behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of Nolo wearing the new range‚ wings and all.

Nolo Phiri’s collection will be available on the Apples and Oranges online store.

We all about #OpenTheIndustry this year so go buy buy buy and support more personalities in the industry.


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