Bonang Matheba Takes Nigeria

Ever the business suvvy star and PR genius, our very own Bonang Matheba, South Africa’s “It Girl” jetted off to Nigeria for a PR junket this weekend. Bonang's numerous visits to Hollywood have clearly paid off because this lady is playing the game on another level. 

While most South African personalities and artists constantly complain that they are not getting the same opportunities as Bonang, she is busy running her career as a business and setting up platforms for more opportunities to keep coming. 

I said it on my opinion piece about #OpenUpTheIndustry; it is those who invest in their careers as brands and a business who reap the rewards of fame in South Africa. No-one gets and excels at this like Bonang — whatever you may think of her. 

The invitation sent to the selected media in Nigeria

Running her brand like a Hollywood pro, Bonang has taken it upon herself to get acquainted with Nigerian media and further solidify her position as a big player on the continent. Her visit to the country is a brilliant PR strategic move that will ensure that her name [and face] is known beyond the shores of Mzansi. 

In  Nigeria she hosted a few members of the press to an intimate brunch at La Brioche, in Victoria Island, Lagos. At the she reportedly gave a brief insight into her journey into the entertainment industry, outstanding work and accomplishments.

According to media coverage that side, during the press brunch Bonang talked about her passions, her status as an African fashion icon and her career as TV & Radio Presenter, Producer and Entrepreneur. She also is said to have touted her association with brands such as E! Africa, Ciroc, Revlon and Woolworths.

Nigeria, with its 180 million inhabitants and a great chunk of them scattered all over the world, is a perfect platform to conquer for a lady who is clearly set on world domination. Her media blitz saw her get mentioned in top blogs such as Bella Naija, as well as other media outlets in that country. Now that will clearly entice brands beyond Mzansi... I see more endorsements on their way here.

This is stuff that Hollywood studios do for their movies and series to get the word out there via the media.  

Invest in your own career! It costs money to be a Bonang and no doubt she has spent a lot of money in setting up such PR opportunities but it pays off. That is why she is Bonang. That is why YOU know her name, brands know her name and now Africa's largest economy's journalists know her name. 

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