eNCA Introduces eNCA Radio

South Africa's most watched news channel, eNCA (DStv 403), has announced that they are expanding their audio offering. The channel has increased their online presence by adding more podcast.

The initiative, which started off with just Moneyline podcasts will now expand to include eNCA Radio.

The first in the series, which is very similar in structure to a news bulletin that broadcasts at the top and bottom of the hour on many radio stations, will feature a three and half minute bulletin read by eNCA's Deputy Online Editor, Lynne O'Connor.  

The bulletin is also downloadable, with a size slightly less than a megabyte, perfect for on the go consumption and will be uploaded weekday mornings.

Adding to that will be the Amabookabooka inserts which are relatively longer running podcast focusing on books and their offers. Also on offer will be an audio version of the television show, Judge for Yourself. Listeners will be able to listen to the show with commercial breaks removed to suit the audio version. 

eNCA Radio podcast will be available on www.enca.com

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